SBH Discord Wiki

Robert Banks is a Polish man who is a community moderator on the Harvest and Bustee discord server(aka SBH Discord). He joined the server on the 14th of September 2020.

Robert is known for creating the minecraft server which left a significant mark in the history of the server and being the sole moderator in the absence of Green, running the election instead of him. He is also one of the people that was in the underground monster prom syndicate during the time it was active. He is also an ameteur game dev / modder, working on small projects for his amusement such as a sitcom themed DooM mod. He is also a fan of the Bambino Rally series.

In the Minecraft Server Ages Rob mostly took to himself, only allowing a select few to take refuge with him, he also ran a brewery. In the end of season 1 he allowed green to go through with his jihad against the End. In season 2 he added mods to the server, and after that mostly stayed out of server affairs, doing his own things.

More to be added as research continues.