SBH Discord Wiki

Needstamina or the SBH Twitter Man is the one that created the server as a whole, the one pushing the project next to Modder Man and the main face of the discord

Stamina has been there ever since the discord was created, saw every faction appear and dissappear joining all of them.

Altough when Stamina talks he does it in English, stamina is Hispanic and has shown this via text, speaking Spanish and the picture of his keyboard, showing the letter "Ñ" that belongs to the Latin American language.

Stamina is also a creator of Kekistan, next to Green and AidanCorgi, which later moved on to Tahiti with the same two people. It's known that Stamina had an important paper in the Broadcast of the Season 1 Finale of the SMP and the Halal Prosecutor's death as a bystander, where Green and Legitname blew it up.

He is currently in the Mod Team Faction and shows no intention of leaving, completely different to what happened with the Toppat clan and the Diamond Dogs conflict.

More to be added soon